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#1 14-01-2020 16:05:39

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Hp support assistant for windows 10

I'm constantly switching between my Surface Pro 3 and my HP Spectre x360. The Spectre has a few quirk's, primarily with the audio driver, however, it is manageable till HP releases an update or two. but, one of my most immediate concern's was that I would be notified when a new driver was released. I rely on the HP Support Assistant app that come's pre-installed on HP system's. This app runs in the background to alert when update's are available, however can also be executed to force a manual check. It's an excellent way to keep your HP system up-to-date, knowing when new drivers & BIOS updates are available. After I started experiencing the audio driver quirks, I pulled up the trusty HP Support Assistant app, hoping the company had create an update available already. To my surprise, the part of the app that allow's for manual checks was broken. Other areas worked just fine, I just couldn’t initiate a manual checkup & it looked as if the automatic checkup wasn't working, either. Or, unless you've gone into the app, you are probably unaware that it's broken.
The fix is simple. You need to download & reinstall the HP Support Assistant app. It installs right over the top the broken one – no need to uninstall the old one first.
P.S.S. therefor you chose to do a clean installation of Hp support assistant for windows 10 on an HP systems, instead of performing the upgrade, the HP Support Assistant won't be there anyway. I highly recommend installing it therefor you know when update's are available. HP does a excellent job quickly delivering fixes and patches through this mechanism.

Hp support assistant update
Despite HP Support assistant usefulness, you may have issues with the HP Support System, and in this case, you can turn off HP support assistant by following the steps mentioned below:-
Double-click the HP Support Assistant icon, visible on your desktop to launch the program, then click the “Settings” option in the bottom left corner of the window.
Click the “Health Analysis” option. Now, click the “Frequency” drop-down menu and then select “Never” option.
Click the button next to “Never Check for Updates.”
Click the “Tune-Up” option, then click the “Tune-Up Schedule: Frequency” drop-down menu and select The”Never” option.
In case of any further information related to Hp support assistant, you can post your queries on the HP official website. For your assistance, HP Customer Service team is available 24*7. You can get connected with the customer support team via emails or HP Number (toll-free helpline number) available on the HP official website.

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#2 11-02-2020 19:33:18

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Re: Hp support assistant for windows 10

Thanks for posting this info. I want to let you know that I check out your web site, and I find it very interesting and informative. I can not wait to examine lots of your posts. Web Accounts Help

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